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Reinventing Sport with Vision

Unmatched depth of analytics in a scalable and cost-effective way.
Next-gen 3D visuals bringing immersion to sports entertainment.

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Reach beyond and get unrivaled insights

Our Computer Vision-driven optical tracking system automatically collects players’ skeletal tracking data from any single-camera recording of a sporting event (eg. a TV broadcast).

  • 50+ detected body keypoints per player
  • 50K+ matches available annually
  • 150M+ unique data points per match
  • 0 pre-installed cameras or sensors needed

Use our data to unlock new performance, tactical, or scouting insights. Bring your audience a next-gen sports entertainment experience with our immersive 3D visuals.



  • 2D & 3D TRACKING DATA: locations of players’ body parts & the ball generated from any match recording, even TV broadcast
  • PHYSICAL DATA: accurate physical measurements, including speed, acceleration, body orientation, or movement types
  • ADVANCED STATS: 3D tracking-derived new events and metrics, including pressing intensity, pitch control, area scans, or open passing lanes


  • IMMERSIVE 3D REPLAYS: recreation of any real-life game in a realistic VR-ready 3D environment, unlocking unlimited camera perspectives and full immersion
  • MATCHDAY IN THE METAVERSE: teleport yourself onto the pitch and feel the real game flow
  • DATA VISUALIZATIONS & AR ADD-ONS: visualized stats & insights aiding the coaching process and enriching the fan experience (e.g. tactical view, pitch control overlay)