Our Product

Capturing detailed 3D tracking data of all players and the ball in real-time from any broadcast TV feed

Our top-notch Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms can watch any football game recorded by single TV camera and harvest detailed 3D tracking data of 20+ body parts of all players and the ball, 60 times per second.

Key features:

  • Full 3D optical tracking of players and the ball at up to 60 fps - over 150 million data points per game
  • Data acquired from any single-camera broadcast feed, including live TV or past recordings - no humans or pre-installed cameras required
  • More accurate detection than multi-camera systems and manual annotators thanks to advanced AI-based systems
  • Automated game events detection, visualizations, performance assessment, insights & recommendations

We turn the raw data into digestible features, such as match events and particular in-game behaviors. This allows us to precisely assess individual & team performance, provide advanced metrics, insights & game predictions, and suggest plays, tactics, player purchases, and many more.

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