Reinventing Sport with Vision

ReSpo.Vision revolutionizes football with the help of Artificial Intelligence. We leverage the latest, cutting-edge AI research and use it to watch & analyze football games providing clubs, federations, bookmakers, and media with an unmatched depth of knowledge.

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Our Technology

Capturing detailed 3D tracking data of all players and the ball in real-time from any broadcast TV feed

Our top-notch Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms can watch any football game recorded by a single TV camera and harvest detailed 3D tracking data of 20+ body parts of all players and the ball, 60 times per second.

Key features:

  • Full 3D optical tracking of players and the ball at up to 60 fps – over 150 million data points per game
  • Data acquired from any single-camera broadcast feed, including live TV or past recordings – no humans or pre-installed cameras required
  • More accurate detection than multi-camera systems and manual annotators thanks to advanced AI-based systems
  • Automated game events detection, visualizations, performance assessment, insights & recommendations

We turn the raw data into digestible features, such as match events and particular in-game behaviors. This allows us to precisely assess individual & team performance, provide advanced metrics, insights & game predictions, and suggest plays, tactics, player purchases, and many more.

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Our products


  • 3D widgets: Live 3D visualizations of gameplay (players silhouettes) to increase user engagement while betting – classic 2D tactical views also available
  • Advanced statistics: Capturing advanced game stats (such as xG, xA, and many more) to draw in more users and increase the number of bettable events 
  • Betting hints: Live betting recommendations using proprietary AI algorithms and detailed game statistics to increase the number of bets and Gross Gaming Revenue

Clubs & Federations

  • Player & team analytics: Advanced statistics and insights based on full 3D tracking of multiple body parts and the ball, along with performance & tactical suggestions
  • Visualization & add-ons: Visualization of player/team performance supplemented with additional detailed data (e.g., pressing intensity) with an accuracy of a few centimeters
  • Scouting: Detailed insights on players from any league around the globe, automatic algorithms recommending players based on set characteristics

Media & TV

  • In-game AR statistics: Providing broadcasters with selected stats & insights (e.g. xG, pitch control) to show on-screen during replays/highlights and enrich the game experience
  • Highlights generator: Auto highlights generation for less popular games and lower leagues using xG logic as a filter
  • Immersive 3D replays: Next-Gen console-style dynamic replays in a 3D game environment with the possibility to zoom in, change the camera angle, etc.
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About us

When you bring together your passion, business skills, and tech acumen - great things are bound to happen!

Our team combines experienced Business & AI executives (including ex-BCGers) with the absolute top level of Data Scientists: Kaggle masters with multiple awards under their belt, AI/Computer Vision PhDs, Statisticians, and Mathematicians with excellent academic experience.

We are expanding our team and are looking for top tech & business talent. Check out our open positions and apply or message us directly.

Paweł Osterreicher

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Bio: Paweł is a senior tech executive who previously held the position of Chief Revenue Officer & Board Member of leading European AI pure-play boutique: Before that, Pawel has gained business experience in The Boston Consulting Group where he has worked for 7 years.

Mateusz Szala

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Bio: Mateusz is an experienced manager who previously led strategic projects in the technology and financial industry. Before creating ReSpo.Vision, Mateusz worked for The Boston Consulting Group and Warta as Advisor to the Board.

Wojciech Rosiński

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Bio: Wojciech is a machine learning engineer experienced in delivering AI-based solutions from concept to product in diverse R&D projects. Besides this, Wojciech has been actively participating in Machine Learning competitions with multiple high finishes, especially in Computer Vision domain, which earned him a Kaggle Master tier.

Łukasz Grad

Chief Data Scientist & Co-Founder

Bio: Łukasz is an award-winning Data Scientist with many successes under his belt. He has been the winner of Kaggle competition as well as 2-times competition's Gold-medallist. His area of expertise is Computer Vision and Deep Learning.